Write to your MP and demand a People’s Vote!

Good morning! With just weeks left until MPs have to vote on any Brexit deal, please take two minutes now to send a letter to your representative and demand any deal is put to the public in a People’s Vote.

By clicking on this link you can go straight to a letter template provided by Best for Britain, which you can amend to suit your own particular circumstances. Emailing your MP is as simple as typing in your name, email and postcode, then personalising the letter if you want to. We urge you to write your MP – the next few weeks are crucial and they all need to know that Brexit is *not* the will of the people.

Two weeks ago…

Two weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the country descended on central London for a march that brought London to a standstill. I’ll never forget the sight of abandoned cars clogging up Park Lane, their drivers laughing as a human tide of people streamed around them. What an amazing day.

Here’s a few of our photos from the day to make you smile and to remind you that the fight goes on.

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Today we’re encouraging everyone to email Tony Hall at the BBC (tony.hall@bbc.co.uk) and complain about the interview with Arron Banks planned for tomorrow. Since when did people under investigation by the NCA get an opportunity to defend themselves on national television before being charged?

Look at the other suspects the NCA has investigated / is looking into (including amongst others 420 suspects in Rotherham thought to be involved in grooming vulnerable children). Ever seen any of them given a prime-time slot to defend themselves? And what about the danger of prejudicing any subsequent trial?

Draw strength from our reminder that you are not alone in opposing this madness. Then hop on a computer / smartphone and ping off an email. Don’t let #BrexitGate go unopposed.   Love & solidarity – W4EU xx

Letter writing campaign – November 9th

On November 9th, anti-Brexit groups from all over the country (including us!) are taking part in a letter writing campaign to flood 10 Downing Street with letters setting out our objections to Brexit – and of course demanding a People’s Vote on any deal.

If you have ten minutes to spare between now and November 9th, please take the time to write an actual letter to the PM outlining your concerns. Please post using a second class stamp on Nov 9th, to:

The Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London SW1A 2AA, UK

Please also send a copy to your MP if you can. Time is running out to achieve a People’s Vote on any deal (with the option to cancel Brexit and stay as part of the EU). Please participate if you are able to  🙂

New: print-at-home letter for your MP

W4EU LETTER TO MPS (2)This neat letter is designed to be folded like an old fashioned air-mail letter (remember them?) – so you can fold it up, sellotape it at the edges, pop a stamp on and send it without an envelope. Please take a moment and write to your MP – all you have to do is fill in their name, your name and address, and sign it. Too easy!

Click here for downloadable version: W4EU LETTER TO MPS (1)


Brexit is barking mad!

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the WOOFERENDUM march! The pooches were out in force bringing their owners for a fun day in the sun – with thousands adding their voices (and barks) to demand a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal.

Susie spoke to a brilliant and enthusiastic crowd of dog lovers, dog owners, dog-borrowers and people who’d come far and wide to attend. The dogs were all well behaved apart from one brief woof-off when a labrador and a poodle nearly came to blows over the rights to pee first at the Nigel Farage pee station  🙂  all in all it was the best of British: inclusive, diverse, fun, with many a pun being kicked around.

More lovely doggie pictures here, via The Guardian

At the heart of it though was a serious message, as articulated by Alastair Campbell. Everything we have been doing for the last two years is paying off, and we are now entering the final push. We need to keep up the pressure: emailing and writing to our MPs, and persuading / bribing / bringing anyone we can along to the next People’s Vote march on October 20th.


W4EU in Brum!

Huge thanks and well done to everyone who made it to Brum to protest outside the Conservative Party Conference this weekend 🙂

Women4Europe were there alongside fabulous people from all over the UK – and (hearteningly) there was good representation from every side of the political spectrum too. Onwards!