Two weeks ago…

Two weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the country descended on central London for a march that brought London to a standstill. I’ll never forget the sight of abandoned cars clogging up Park Lane, their drivers laughing as a human tide of people streamed around them. What an amazing day.

Here’s a few of our photos from the day to make you smile and to remind you that the fight goes on.

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Today we’re encouraging everyone to email Tony Hall at the BBC ( and complain about the interview with Arron Banks planned for tomorrow. Since when did people under investigation by the NCA get an opportunity to defend themselves on national television before being charged?

Look at the other suspects the NCA has investigated / is looking into (including amongst others 420 suspects in Rotherham thought to be involved in grooming vulnerable children). Ever seen any of them given a prime-time slot to defend themselves? And what about the danger of prejudicing any subsequent trial?

Draw strength from our reminder that you are not alone in opposing this madness. Then hop on a computer / smartphone and ping off an email. Don’t let #BrexitGate go unopposed.   Love & solidarity – W4EU xx

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