Brexit is barking mad!

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the WOOFERENDUM march! The pooches were out in force bringing their owners for a fun day in the sun – with thousands adding their voices (and barks) to demand a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal.

Susie spoke to a brilliant and enthusiastic crowd of dog lovers, dog owners, dog-borrowers and people who’d come far and wide to attend. The dogs were all well behaved apart from one brief woof-off when a labrador and a poodle nearly came to blows over the rights to pee first at the Nigel Farage pee station  🙂  all in all it was the best of British: inclusive, diverse, fun, with many a pun being kicked around.

More lovely doggie pictures here, via The Guardian

At the heart of it though was a serious message, as articulated by Alastair Campbell. Everything we have been doing for the last two years is paying off, and we are now entering the final push. We need to keep up the pressure: emailing and writing to our MPs, and persuading / bribing / bringing anyone we can along to the next People’s Vote march on October 20th.


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