Women4Europe in action this week

The brilliant thing about Women4Europe activists is you never know when one of us might pop up and ambush important people at an inopportune moment.

This week, a bunch of us hit the Labour Conference in Liverpool. On the way there we were lucky enough to bump into the lovely Kier Starmer (Shadow Brexit Secretary) who was incredibly charming and happy to chat women’s rights.

We left him with one of our new leaflets explaining how women will be impacted by Brexit –  you can download them here: W4eu flyers  – as well as engaging Sadiq Khan, Kier Starmer, Emma Hardy and more on the critical issue of how Brexit threatens women’s fundamental rights.

We also made friends with Ed Miliband, who was happy to pose for a selfie (and no bacon sandwiches in sight!).

We’ll also be in Birmingham this coming weekend. If you’d like to join us for some cool, fun and interesting activism, please get in touch!

Love peace & #STOPBREXIT – W4EU xx

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