Women4Europe rally in Brighton!

On Sunday 16th of September, we held our first joint event with Best For Britain – a round table discussion with a fantastic panel of campaigners, MPs and an international supply chain expert, chaired by Naomi Smith from Best For Britain.

W4EU’s Susie Courtault, Juliet Lodge, Nina de Alaya Parker & Cathy Wigley were there, and joined a feisty and enthusiastic audience (who ended up spilling out into the corridor as the room was packed out).

Rupa Huq MP (Labour / Ealing & Acton) spoke eloquently about the disastrous impact Brexit will have on women’s lives, and Linda Johnson discussed how life as we know it will come to an end if any kind of Brexit happens, as international supply chains (and esp. just-in-time-deliveries) suffer the disruption of customs checks and delays at the border.

Emmy Van Deurzen argued for more passion in our approach to discussing Brexit: we need to move away from dry and theoretical “male” discussions of trade deals and start speaking from the heart about the terrible impact Brexit is already having. Families are being ripped apart, people are leaving the country and losing their jobs. Time to get angry and connect with people on an emotional level as well as just a theoretical one.

Wera Hobhouse MP (LibDem / Bath) took time out from the Liberal Democrat Conference to discuss how women’s rights stand to suffer as workplace protections are scrapped – with women standing to suffer the most if any kind of Brexit happens. And W4EUs Juliet Lodge wrapped up – summing up the passion felt by many in the room: “I am bloody furious!”

After the round table discussion, we organised a march along the seafront and joined with the Liberal Democrats for a rally on the seafront. Speakers included Tom Brake MP (LibDem spokesman on Brexit), Catherine Bearder MEP, and local politicians Peter Kyle (MP for Brighton & Hove) and Phelim Macafferty (Green Party councillor for Brighton).

EU Supergirl Madeleina Kay opened and closed the rally, which was also addressed by campaigners pushing for a Wooferendum (if you’re in London on October 7th, please support their march in Westminster – dogs are optional!).

This is how the local news channel reported our event  🙂

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