A road-map to a People’s Vote

This week the People’s Vote campaign laid out a clear roadmap towards a People’s Vote, which we’re sharing here to try and spread the word that it’s not too late: we can still stop Brexit (and here’s one very clear way we can do it).

CLICK HERE to see the plan. Please share widely.

If you’re interested in organising a street stall, or going to a local event, you can find out about the People’s Vote campaign events happening near you by clicking here. 

And remember: it’s no good campaigning for a vote on the terms of any Brexit deal if you’re not able to vote if / when the opportunity arises. Please make sure you are registered to vote, and ask family / friends if they are too. You can click here to find out how to register – it’s quick and easy, and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Celebrate the centenary of Women’s Sufferage by making sure your vote counts   🙂


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