Women For A People’s Vote

Women4Europe support the “Women For A People’s Vote” campaign launched today by InFacts. As the myriad Brexit promises made on the campaign trail unravel before our eyes, and as it becomes clearer that *any* form of Brexit will be hugely damaging to the UK, we back calls for a vote on any deal reached.

Meanwhile, we’d just like to remind you that women now support cancelling Brexit by a 12-point margin, according to the latest polls. Three in four women are concerned that the Brexit sold to the nation will never be delivered.

According to The Independent, “A total of 83 per cent are of the opinion that the process of leaving the EU has been a mess, with 86 per cent of women aged over 45 despairing the most about the process.”

Time to revoke article 50 and think again.

#PeoplesVote #W4PV #FinalSayForAll #StopBrexit

ps. While we’re here, are you registered to vote? Are your family / friends / neighbours? You can click here and complete the process in less than 5 minutes. 


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