Brexit: sending women back to the kitchen all over again.

There have been a lot of reports over the last few weeks about how women across the UK will be hugely impacted by any kind of Brexit. One of the most striking reports detailed how women’s ability to work will be affected as European nurses and care workers start leaving the UK – meaning more women will face the terrible choice between caring for kids or elderly relatives and pursuing a career.

Brexit is hugely retrograte step for women’s rights. Many of the protections we currently benefit from derive from European law, which has always been streets ahead of UK legal rulings. Thanks to EU rulings, women can no longer be sacked for becoming pregnant; women are guaranteed time off work for pregnancy-related medical appointments; and all women across the EU are guaranteed 14 weeks (minimum) maternity pay.

Brexit affects all these rights acquired through our membership of the EU, and the mythical “bonfire of red tape” threatens the already inadequate provisions protecting women from discrimination.

We resist this assault upon our rights and call on other women to stand up against this coordinated attempt to turn the clock back to the days when a woman’s “place” was in the kitchen.

No. A woman’s place is wherever she chooses it to be. Brexit threatens that basic right. Resist! Download our activist pack (links below), and get in touch to find out about events we’re coordinating across the country over the next few months.


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